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What is the EYFS

EYFS Parent’s Guide


Any child suffering from a rash, sore throat, discharges from the eyes or nose or diarrhoea should be kept at home until the symptoms have disappeared. The nursery reserves the right to send children home if they are suffering from any infectious illnesses.

Guidance on the most common infectious diseases and the recommended periods for which children should be kept away from nursery can be found at

Concerns and Complaints

Any concerns regarding your child, their welfare or progress, should primarily be discussed by appointment with the nursery Manager or your child’s key person. If results of any complaint or concern are not satisfactory they can be discussed further with the Manager on appointment.

Procedures outlined in our complaints policies* will need to be adhered to; policy available on request or from the website.

*Formal complaints procedure (to rectify any major issues/complaints)

Suggestions and constructive ideas are welcomed. Please feel free to come and have a chat informally to the staff at the nursery. However all final decisions have to be agreed by the Manager, Nursery Working Committee and staff.