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Islamic Ethos

The aims of Al-Ashraf Nursery are for practitioners, staff, children, parents and guardians to work together and grow in love and respect for ethical values, demonstrating love for each other and their surroundings.

Being a faith Nursery, we endeavour to assist each child to develop spiritually, morally, socially, and academically whilst making the nursery an enjoyable place where children can learn happily, play in unity and accept responsibility for making decisions. Along with this progression is sought to be made daily through the divine teachings and embedding the love of Allah, the Shariah and the beautiful ways of the beloved prophet Muhammed (s.a.w).

We believe that every child is a unique individual created by Allah, with many talents and natural abilities to develop and share with others.

At Al Ashraf we are proud to have professional nursery practitioners who care deeply about our children and are always willing to aid children to develop and excel them in all areas.

Islamic Tarbiyah

As an Islamic Nursery, we lay great stress on Tarbiyah (Islamic upbringing). Our objective is to nurture our children through compassion from an early age in a sustained, safe and spiritual environment, so that they learn to become obedient and righteous Muslims. Morals and manners are one of the most important aspects encouraged at the Nursery. We aim on shaping the minds of our children through reflection on the stories of the Prophets, sahabaahs and pious predecessors. May Allah safeguard our deen, and our children’s deen.


Al-Ashraf Nursery offers a child friendly approach to early Islamic and secular education, where children are encouraged to become independent individuals. Our nursery curriculum has been carefully devised to provide balance and variety and it follows the EYFS framework. The Islamic ethos includes:

  1. Allah is Al-Khaliq: Recognising each child as an individual, who will develop and learn in unique ways.
  2. Learning in a positive and consistent spiritual environment, where they have a sense of belonging.
  3. A positive Islamic atmosphere and positive relationships which will encourage children to become independent and strong in all aspects, using the Sunnah as the basis of daily life.
  4. Learning through the light of Islam. ''Al ilmu noorun....''
  5. Children having a right to education, enabling them to develop their talents and personalities
  6. Enabling environments: learning experiences through play and exploration, responding to individual needs of children and creating a partnership between parents and practitioners.
  7. Respect for own cultures and others: respecting people.

The embedding of an Islamic ethos within the nursery is of utmost significance, as it helps children have the best possible start in life. To succeed in this, we lay great emphasis on Islamic mannerism, mu'aamlaat, muaashiraa, having mutual respect for one another. Islamic dress code, behaviour and punctuality. Alongside secular subjects, we aim to incorporate the Islamic perspective and teachings where possible through enjoyable activities. This will enhance our children’s knowledge and understanding of Islam and their growing love for Allah and through the blessed Sunnah.

We offer the following Islaamiat subjects and more:

  1. Arabic Alphabet foundation level and and advanced learning (correct pronunciation of letters and leaning phonics of vowels)
  2. Aqaaid (beliefs)
  3. Ibaadah (acts of worship)
  4. Akhlaq (Morals, character and good conduct)
  5. Islamic History: Appreciating the life of the Prophet Muhammed and previous prophets
  6. Islamic Studies, Islamic festivals and the 5 pillars
  7. Recognition of Allah
  8. Sunnah and instilling love, admiration for Nabi (s.a.w)
  9. Duaas and Kalimas (designed in such a way that children easily grasp the basic duaas and apply them in their daily lives in and around the nursery setting.)
  10. Quraan recitation, Nasheeds and Islamic Nursery rhymes.

The purpose of studying an Islamic curriculum is so that children may understand and instil the Islamic values taught in the nursery setting and accordingly mould their lives according to the Sunnah. The teachings of Islam taught will be as inspiring and practical as possible. Each subject is taught in an engaging way, motivating children towards their journey of learning.

Activities and story time:

Activities are principal to the work carried out at the nursery. Through the activities, our children will become equipped with religious education and the basic fundamentals of Islam. The activities reflect an incorporation of both secular and Islaamiat curriculum. Alongside activities, we hold regular story time, which is highly beneficial and impressionable on our children’s minds, the books comprise of simple language and illustrations.

Islaamiat Assessments:

These assessments are to identify areas of strength and weakness and to consider ways of supporting children to strengthen in their knowledge of duaas, kalimaas and Islamiyaat subjects.