Mission Statement & Aims


Our Nursery logo depicts the aim of our mission, ‘Firm Roots Branches in the Sky’. This has been adapted from a Quraanic verse, which describes the results of strong Imaan as a tree with strong roots, healthy branches and flourishing fruits.

Insha’Allah, it is our aim to build these strong foundations in our pupils by sowing the seeds of the Holy Quran and Noble Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallahu alaihi wasallam) so that they may blossom into strong, practising Muslims and become an asset for our community.

Your child is at a crucial stage in his/her development with research showing that children learn more rapidly in the first seven years of their life than any other time. It is therefore important that the children are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential. The aim of Al-Ashraf pre-school is to provide children aged 3-4 years a safe, caring and stimulating environment where they can learn and experience a variety of new activities through play.

It is our belief that children should enjoy their first years in learning, find satisfaction in their achievement and to help gain full potential. Our mission is to continuously assess and positively reward the effort and progress made by our pupils. The nursery endeavours to create tolerant individuals; we aim to help your child respect and appreciate others, their cultural background, feelings and views from an Islamic perspective.

At Al-Ashraf we seek to maintain close cooperation between the nursery, parents and the wider community. Partnership with parents continues to be a major theme. Insha’Allah

We have a well-established nursery which caters for children aged 2+. We follow the EYFS(Early Years Foundation Stage) Foundation stage Curriculum. The Nursery also offers weekly mother and toddler groups.

The Nursery opened in September 1997 at the premises of Gloucestershire Islamic School in Sinope Street. We moved to our current site in 2007 which offers spacious playrooms, modern facilities and a wide range of resources.